Five new year resolutions you can easily achieve!

It seems as each year passes we are left with the contemplation of what to set our sights on in the new year. I like many 20 something university students find it easy enough to scribble down a list of potential resolutions, to be only disappointed when I don’t meet half of them. Because lets face the facts, life is this giant ball of messy mess that everything gets jumbled up in and we’re left scratching our heads asking what happened to that thought or idea?

You need to set your self healthy positive resolutions that are actually achievable, here are my top five that I am sure you can also try out.

1. Talk to someone new everyday

It might be easier for some people, but I challenge you to talk to someone new everyday. Not only will this increase your confidence it will also help you approach different types of people in your every day adventures such as work, university or even when you’re out doing the shopping. Everyone has a story to tell so LISTEN!


2. Social media savy

Social media  can sometimes be overwhelming, we constantly have so much noise being blasted at us from various platforms that it is hard to know what is going on! With new extensions being added to instagram like boomerang etc, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to participate in the technology driven society that we call the 21st century. I challenge you to learn things about social media that may help you with your future career paths. More and more jobs rely on social media skills, so spending a few minutes a day becoming savy might just get you the job!


3. Be selfish

This is easier said than done, but you really have to put your health before other things. A dear friend of mine was recently extremely unwell to the point that she was basically doing all her study and work from bed. My challenge to you is if you’re unwell CALL IN SICK! you’re important, you’re valuable, and you are not a robot! No one expects you to constantly give and give and give. So please take some time for your self.

4. Savings for the future

One of the things that I am constantly asked is how I am always doing so much and experiencing so many things. I mean I still live at home and pay minimal rent compared to  other students my age. BUT I work a substantial amount of hours and am really smart with my finances. I challenge you to do the $5 note challenge, every time you receive a $5 in change, put it in a jar. You will find by the end of the year you will easily have enough money saved for a sneaky over seas trip or some substantial savings to impress your banker! SAVE SAVE SAVE

5. Family

It may seem like one of the oldest lines in recorded history “family comes first”. There is a reason why this three word message is constantly floating around social media and everyday life, because it is true. Family is always something you should put first if you’re in a position to. Friends will always be there for you, but family are the ones who tend to love you unconditionally regardless of who you become. I recently have regained connection with a cousin of mine, and her and I have become best friends. I don’t think there is a day that passes were we don’t talk to each other about things and it’s really soothing mentally to have someone that you can count on. SO my challenge for you this year is to reach out to a family member that you’re not close with and love unconditionally.

Callum GordonComment