University is like riding a bike that’s on fire

University, it’s that 10 letter word that can bring friendship and relationships but can also be responsible for anxiety and serious self doubt.

Let’s set the scene for a moment, I’ve been in this class for almost 10 weeks, I always sit by myself and make minimal eye contact…

This is strange for me, I mean I am a communications student I am suppose to be good at networking and have this bubbly personality. The truth is that some classes you just can’t find anyone to connect with, and that’s okay. I think it’s important to remember that somedays you can’t attract everyone to your personality but you have to remember that there are so many people who love what you do and who you are.

University is literally without a doubt the most stressful thing I have ever DONE, that juggling act of making friends, juggling part time retail work, juggling work experience and also the prospect of potential Internships.

To say it’s “hard” is an understatement; it is a constant battle between wanting to do really well and succeed in all your chosen courses but choosing to sleep in because you’re exhausted from staying up the night before trying to complete that group assignment, because you’re paranoid that your group members secretly don’t like you.

I’ve been doing this assignment for literal hours and it’s almost 2:00am. I have an 8:00am class, and I am almost an hour away from University which equates to getting up at 6:00am to get ready to leave by 7:00am to find a park to be seated by 8:00am. Currently this is 4 hours away.

I am extremely exhausted but I must continue this treacherous path of late nights and early mornings, I am who I will become through hard work and determination. A constant juggling act that I dare not stray from for the fear of fail disheartens me, so I place my glasses back onto my heavy tiring eyes. I look at my white document lit screen with the hopes of a finished research assignment presenting itself. This is last year university, third year communication course, my last chance to qualify my GPA to a higher number.

I find myself asking myself the following set of questions for I am lost beyond belief:

Is education worth it, is a cloudy head with a busy schedule already building for the next day an asset to my future or a liability for the now.

Do I continue this path of mental destruction for the sake of proving my academic worth or do I give into the tempting scenario of dropping out.

Stay strong


Callum Gordon