Why does keeping Australia’s border’s safe involve removing the “human” from human being?

“When did we decide it was okay to stop caring for one another? when did we decide it was okay to sit in our homes and take no action?”

The last 48 hours in the media have been focused on a phone call between president Trump and our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. International calls between countries leaders are a pretty standard thing and I can guarantee that every call that is made isn’t a media fixation.

But this specific call that was made was in relation to a refugee deal between two first world countries, two wealthy first world countries that have the power to decide what happens to “refugees”.

The treatment of refugees within detention centres is horrendous but what is equally as horrendous is the way our society has been referring to them. Asylum seekers and refugees are being treated like a problem and our countries leaders have made that clear to the people of Australia. They are indeed a so called”problem”. It’s become what seems a tiresome game for our political leaders to decide what to do with these “people”. Yes as mentioned above they are a problem, but they them selves aren’t the problem, they have problems that need fixing. They have a chance to start fresh lives, and to contribute to our nation that is already so wonderfully multicultural.

What is most upsetting is the stigma that has been created around these groups of people, I understand the importance of Australia’s security. But when you have people that have the potential to be in power one day like Pauline Hanson, it truly scares me. IT scares me because people like this have created a marginalised group amongst refugees and asylum seekers. Politicians have made it seem like every single one of these people are a terrorist or criminal.

According to Immigration detention statistics as of November 2015 Just over a year ago when looking at the current date, there was:

  • 543 asylum seekers (including 70 children) in detention in Nauru
  • 926 adult asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea

Fast forward roughly 14 months and I can guarantee that still little is being done to help integrate these people into our society, instead they just stay on Nauru and Manus Island. They are just sitting there waiting; as if our Government is the player on a chess board and they are the chess pieces waiting to find out what direction they will go.

I think what hurts the most is the reality of the situation, we are literally choosing to push these people aside, and not focusing on helping them. When did we decide that a certain group of peoples life’s mattered more than ours?

Once again I reiterate that I understand the concerns of Australia’s security but why does a reflection of keeping Australia safe have to involve Inhumane treatment of human beings?

I urge you to remember that these people are children, someones mother, someones father, someones uncle. But most importantly I urge you to remember that they are Human. 

Callum Gordon